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So, back when I was in high school, I used to write a lot of poetry. Unfortunately, I don’t know what where much of it ended up. Lately, I’ve wanted to dabble in it again and tonight finally some of the words started to flow. I don’t know exactly where these particular words came from, but it isn’t the first time that has happened. I haven’t written in a long time, so here we are.

These are the things that I can never say to you.

The words that’ll finally tell you how I feel.

That what I feel isn’t just a passing whim but

That we could’ve been the real thing.

Real! All it takes is the scent of you.

A million feelings, a million thoughts all coming rush through a single breath.

Real. Yes, we were very real.

Whether you see it or not, we were real.

You chose the other way.

Broke my heart into a million pieces, it did.

Hearing that you still wanted me just caused those healing bits to fall apart.

The pain in my chest was very real.

I was trying to do the right thing.

It was the hardest choice I’ve ever made. Would I ever take it back?

Oh love, what a crazy, stupid thing.

Oh love, how very real mine is for you.

But I don’t know if I could take it back.

This is one time I can’t listen to my heart.

There are still beats for you.

But you made a different choice.

And that’s the reality for you.

So, slowly, eventually, I’ll move on from you.

Yes, one day I will.

Put those pieces back together,

And keep my heart away from you.

Maybe tucked away, there’ll still be

A spot in my heart for you.

But I have to close my eyes to it.

And pretend it isn’t real.

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