Why I Love my Short Hair – and Myself

FIRST: Last week, my sorority at my alma mater celebrated “ANAD Week,” for Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders. Seeing their posts on social media made me think about the pressures we put on physical appearance and the importance of self-love. Thus, this post. Thanks, DPhiE at RMU!

I’ve come to the conclusion short hair gets a bad rap and is underrated. As the proud owner of a pixie cut, I feel like I’ve heard it all from “you’re so confident!” to “isn’t that a lesbian haircut?” (which, I don’t even know what that means.). I don’t think it’s a sign of confidence, I’m straight, and I didn’t know haircuts had sexual orientations anyways. Many people assume it’s the type of cut that a woman gets after a bad breakup, when she’s recovering from herself, or for some other reason for the shock factor. Recently, I was chatting with my hairstylist/sorority sister, Alyssa, (who has her own fantastic blog, Any Given Runway!) about having short hair and it kind of got my thoughts going about styles and the shock factor.

While I certainly don’t mind making bold moves with my hair (the ultimate accessory that will always change back, eventually. Might as well experiment with it. Just went from brown with blonde highlights to cherry cola red), the reason why I love my pixie and keep it isn’t exactly dramatic: It’s simple for me to style in the morning. I can blow dry it and go, I can ruffle it (maybe not the best word) and go; there’s still a plethora of things I can do to style it differently. And to be honest, how many of us wear the same style day in and day out? I did when my hair was longer. What is the difference of wearing the same way if it is long or short?

I don’t have a ton of confidence. I would say 97% of the time, I like my hair. There are days I love how it looks and yes, I have confidence. There are days where I can’t stand how I look and wish I had a mask (that’s an exaggeration). I have days where I question why I cut off my hair. People tell me all the time how I have to be so confident to wear my hair so short. Why do I have to have confidence to do something like that? Why can’t I just wear my hair short because I like it? I’ve been asked if I worry that guys won’t be attracted to me because of my short hair – dude, if a guy isn’t talking to me simply because I wear my hair short, then that’s probably not the type of guy I want to be with.

You may, yet again, be wondering what the hell my point is. I just wonder, why do we judge so much on our looks? Why does everything have to have a reason behind it? Why can’t we just be as people and live? I just think it is important to love ourselves as we are. One of my favorite quotes is BeYOUtiful. Be yourself! Be beautiful! YOU are beautiful as YOU are. Not as anyone else. As you. The individual that you are. There  is so much judgement when it comes to looks and such a pressure to conform, but it would be such a boring world if we were all the same! Please tell me anyone who disagrees with that. Because I can’t imagine how it wouldn’t be boring if we were all the same.

          Our individuality is what makes us beautiful, and it is what makes the world go ‘round. I really think we don’t stress individuality enough, or we at least do not reward it enough. It is as if we are afraid to leave our comfort zones – so we stay with what we know and judge what we don’t. But we don’t grow this way. I think it is really important to embrace our individual quirks and streaks. Our physical appearance is only one way to do it – but love yourself! I can’t say that enough. Love your imperfections. Embrace what makes you stand out. And I think that’s why I do love my short hair. My pixie makes me stand out a little bit. It’s something different. It’s me. BeYOUtiful.

Peace and Love,


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