Grist House Expansion **Previously Posted**

Although it has only been in Millvale for four years, Grist House has firmly established itself as a staple for the borough. Founders Kyle Mientkiewicz and Brian Eaton have come a long way from home brewing in Erie, and now the Grist House has just announced they are continuing to grow! They just purchased a 55,000 square foot space in Collier Township, which is southwest of Pittsburgh. The location, which served as the Nike Missile Command Center during the Cold War, was much bigger than what they had initially planned for and the “sheer potential” the size offered made it an easy choice for the Grist House, according to marketing manager Bailey Allegretti. The new space will be the primary production spot and offer a large taproom, retail space, and a barrel aging program (aging beer in a spirit or wine barrel).

However, fans of the Millvale location don’t have to worry. As Collier Township will gradually adds production, brewing will continue in Millvale on a much smaller scale. Less brewing means more indoor space at Millvale, but nothing is set in stone for that additional room yet. Allegretti reassures that Millvale will offer the same experience patrons have come to love; beer, food trucks and all.

If finding the location in Collier Township was “game over” on their search, then the newly found potential was unlocking a new level except Grist House has control of the game!. There will be many things coming in 2019, but they’re keeping it under wraps for now, citing that these plans aren’t ready to be released at this time. So there is even more to look forward to! Grist House does plan to release a few beers from their new barrel aging program and will continue releasing cans on a regular basis. The future looks bright for Grist House, and craft beer lovers should keep an eye on what is to come.

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