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One of my goals in the next year or two is to buy my own house. My student loan debt is laughing at me as I say this, but I’ve been working on being better fiscally and getting a plan together to put a down payment on a house. Just looking at a house is a mind-boggling experience. At times I can’t believe how expensive some houses are or how much they estimate as a down payment. And my student loan debt laughs and laughs. I don’t need anything crazy, just a nice little house for my cat and I to call our own.

There are many things about home ownership I will not be looking forward to, but I am definitely looking forward to decorating my own house with my own quirky, sense of style. Specifically, my house is going to have some nerd touches to it. I’m completely honest about being a nerd; I have a Star Wars tattoo, plan on getting another, insert movie quotes into conversations probably more than what is normal, usually have a book to recommend, you get the picture. I’m a nerd. It happens.

But I think being a nerd is fun. We all have our quirks. And, as the Doctor said, we’re all stories in the end, and my nerdoms tell stories. I think it’ll be fun to have little nerdy tidbits around my home; keep it laid back. There is currently an old-school Donkey Kong at my parents’ and I think it’s the coolest thing ever, even if it doesn’t work right now.

I already have some items for the future. Some things have been given to me, and some things I’ve seen and couldn’t pass up. So, I’d like to share some nerd things I already have and some I’d like to have in my home one day. Fair warning, most of these will be Star Wars. And while there’ll be plenty of links, they’re just that – recommendations.

What I have:

  1. BB-8 Clock, Her Universe: I got this one sale for about ten bucks, and it is the cutest thing. BB-8 is of the newer Star Wars films, and while C-3PO and R2-D2 will always be the original top dogs, the newer droids like BB-8, K2-SO, and L3 have grown on me. But BB-8 is simply adorable. Currently, I have this in my room, but I think for my own place, it’ll be somewhere like the kitchen. I think a kitchen should be bright and cheery, and BB-8 has the right level of cuteness.
  2. Han Solo and Greedo Salt and Pepper Shakers: I got this in one of Amazon’s Smuggler’s Bounty boxes, and while I don’t have any use for them right now, why wouldn’t I use them when I have my own place? A classic and controversial scene in the original Star Wars, it’ll be a fun pop cultural touch that’ll definitely get a laugh from guests!
  3. Death Star Phases Metal Sign: I just want to put a disclaimer out there: Hobby Lobby can be dangerous. I found this on sale right before Christmas and it is just cool. It shows the Death Star, but in different phases of the moon. How cool is that? It does a cool light reflection too. I think this will be perfect in either a game room or an office/library. I recognize that an office is more of a dream than anything right now!
  4. Funko Pops: I have a lot of Funkos. I’m that person. Like I said; nerd! Surprise, surprise, but I primarily have Star Wars one. But I do have Harry Potter, The Walking Dead, Marvel, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Beetlejuice, and a couple more tossed in and plenty more that I want. Most of them are on shelves around my room; I have a Princess Leia, Darth Vader, and Wonder Woman on my desk at work. I think they’re great little decorations. And for whatever reason, I really want to line my kitchen with them. I think shelves around my kitchen with Funkos would be really funny. Not sure if I can convince the future husband (whomever he is) of this, but they’d be good in a game room too. But why not give the kitchen a fun vibe?
  5. Mugs: This both falls under things I want and things I have. Currently, I have a Jabba the Hutt and Star-Lord Funko mugs, and two “cat-icorn” mugs. These are easy ways to add some nerd flair to your home, and there’s a mug for everything.
  6. Ornaments: I love the holidays. My mom always makes us a Christmas ornament, and I think that’s why I love getting ornaments so much. And I have a good variety of nerd ones. I probably have enough Star Wars ones to have a themed small tree, which could happen when I have my own place. But I also have ones from Muppets, Toy Story, 101 Dalmatians, Shrek, and more. While it’s only up for a little bit, it is a fun touch to a Christmas tree!
  7. Lightsaber string lights: I bought this from (I believe there is only one physical store) and I’m kind of torn on it. The actual lights are adorable. But you only get twenty. And when they say twenty, they mean ten and there’s two little light bulbs in each lightsaber. So that was a little disappointing, and I got these on sale. They are also battery operated which is kind of inconvenient. But they’re definitely cute. In my own home, I think I’d use them as a back porch decoration or in a game room. With only ten lights, the strand isn’t very long.

Things I Want:

There are many ways to subtly show your nerd love, and many more stores are beginning to carry more pop culture products. You can find items at stores such as Wal-Mart, Target, BoxLunch, Etsy, and more.

  1. Harry Potter Etched Glass Set: These 9 oz. glasses are a really great way to simply show your nerd love. The accents aren’t overwhelmingly nerdy, but are elegantly designed and add flair to your collection of glasses.
  2. Mulan Cri-Kee Jewelry Tree: While this would likely be displayed in the bedroom, this jewelry tree is an awesome combination of geekiness and elegance. It’s a simple way to store and display your jewelry, while also paying homage to the Disney classic.
  3. Batman Bat Signal Kitchen Timer: Okay, I’m going to be honest here. This is just really freaking cool. The timer projects the BAT SIGNAL when time’s up. How cool is that?! It adds an entire new level of cool to cooking and baking. Anything that projects the bat signal is a win in my book.
  4. Harry Potter Geometric Hogwarts Wall Clock: I know, another clock. But this Harry Potter clock isn’t as obviously nerdy as the BB8 one. The numbers are simple, but the design of the Hogwarts castle is beautifully down and detailed. I also really like the darker tones of the clock, and this would look nice with darker paint or neutral tones.
  5. Hagrid’s Lantern: This lamp is a replica of the light that Hagrid carries throughout the Harry Potter movies, but you wouldn’t necessarily know the nerd background. It looks like any other type of lantern, and the flickering LED candle provides warm, muted lighting for relaxing.
  6. Periodic Table Cutting Board: Etsy has many different nerd options, and the periodic table cutting board offers not only usefulness, but also a good pun with “I enjoy using this board periodically.” There are multiple options and versions of this on Etsy.
  7. Super Mario Coasters: Who doesn’t love Super Mario? It’s a classic. These coasters from PiDesign Prints on Etsy are fun, little ways to pay homage to a great game. If you’re going to use coasters, why not use coasters that have a fun and classic pop culture vibe?
  8. “These Are Not The Keys You’re Looking For” Hooks: From Geek Propaganda on Etsy, this is a play-on words from a classic Star Wars line. You just need to hang it on the wall, and you have a secure place to hang your keys. The irony of the quote is even better as you aim to NOT lose your keys!
  9. Vintage Video Game Throw Pillow: Another Etsy find, this time from the CanisPicta store. I’m not a huge gamer but I appreciate the classics like Pac-Man. I remember playing it on my grandparent’s Atari when I was little. Simply featuring the Pac-Man game screen, this would be great in a game room but I’d probably have no problem putting it my living room, because, well, nerd and fun!
  10. Captain America Dart Board: I was on Iron Man’s side in Captain America: Civil War, but this is really cool. This is the perfect addition to a game room. Through Marvel’s website, you can customize the dart board to your favorite iteration of Captain America, and each has its own choices from there, too. And if your game room already has some nerdy touches, what’s one more? And who doesn’t like a game of darts?

I’m a ways from having my own house to decorate, but there are definitely some nerdy touches I plan on including and some I hope to add. Maybe I’ll keep it primarily to the kitchen and game room/finished basement (which, for a first house, is probably pushing it) but little things like the coasters and Hagrid’s lamp are like little nerdy winks to use as a shout out. What nerdy touches do you have in your home?

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