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What’s On My Christmas Wish List

I love Christmas. I love everything about Christmas. Decorating, the music, the lights, the family time, the parties, ugly sweaters, and shopping. Yup, this includes buying gifts for other people. I love seeing people’s reactions to my gifts, because I really try to get something I think they’ll love. In my family, I buy for my parents, three brothers, sister-in-law, and brother’s girlfriend. The ages range from 14 to 63. That’s a wide variety of people to buy for.

The most difficult to buy for? My 31 year old and 25 year old brothers. Without fail. And that’s with my parents saying “Nothing.” Oddly enough, the past three years, I have found my sister-in-law gifts during the summer that I just didn’t want to pass up. 

Right now, I have just around half of my Christmas shopping done. My mom and youngest brother got Kenny Chesney tickets for next May, and they already know about that. I have a couple gifts bought that I think will be hits (fingers crossed). Even though I give a variety of ideas, I thought it would be interesting to create a gift guide of my own. I’m always fascinated by what people put on a gift guide. Sometimes I think they have the perfect gifts, other times I think they’re way off the mark. I really have no idea how they compile them, but I do find myself looking at some hoping to find gift ideas, and they couldn’t be further. So, my Star Wars obsession aside (with one exception), I decided to put together my own gift guide. If you need to buy for a late-twenties (ugh, I don’t like saying that), professional with a wide variety of interests, maybe you’ll find something for her on here!

**Please note: The links below are affiliate links.

For the Runner:

Hydration vestOne of my biggest struggles during running is what to do with my crap. I’ve never found an armband for my iPhone that I’ve liked, even though with my Apple Watch I don’t need to change my music anymore (probably the best benefit of the Watch). But I always bring water with me on runs. I don’t know and can’t believe how people don’t. But then the water bottle is something else to carry! 

What I like about this it is a backpack, aka my current obsession right now, and also that it is reflective. I have lights for my shoes that get extremely bright, but the little extra reflection doesn’t hurt! 

For the Music Lover:

Bluetooth Speaker: This is my “splurge” item. I’m looking for a new Bluetooth speaker, and I love the JBL headphones I have. I use them for running, and they are amazing. It is pretty cool that you can connect more than one phone to the speaker at a time, However, I’m not exactly sure why you’d want to submerge it in water, and you can’t tell me there aren’t people who are going to try. When I’m writing, working on jewelry, or crafting, I like to have music or podcasts playing. A good Bluetooth speaker is a must. Plus, it’s great for summertime when I’m lounging in my parents’ pool. And, sorry, but I’ll probably still keep it on the porch rather than the deck. Also, I’m not going to lie, I like the variety of colors it comes in! It’s fun. 

For the Fashion Lover:

Leopard Print Beanie: I actually have a CC leopard print beanie, just without the pom. But this is a great, fashionable stocking stuffer. Leopard (and animal print in general) is everywhere right now, and I am here for it. I also really like having a variety of beanies (I’m a hat person), and this is such a fun one between the print and the pom. They’re also super soft, which is a plus! They also offer it in different colors and with scarves. 

For the Reader:

Kindle: This is something else I have, but right now you cannot pass this up if you have someone in your life looking for a new eReader. Right now, Amazon is offering their newest Kindle at an amazing price. In my opinion, the eReader is the best technological advancement of the century so far. I can hold an entire library in the palm of my hand? The Kindle boasts a great battery life, and they aren’t lying. I can weeks without having to charge it. It also has a backlight, so I can relax in bed without having any lights on, and unwind reading. There are other cool features like being able to highlight passages for later browsing. I don’t like reading on my phone, but the Kindle is the perfect size. While not small enough to fit in a pocket, you shouldn’t have a problem putting it in most bags. In fact, it essentially gets lost in the bottom of my work backpack. This is the gift that keeps giving, and you’ll make their day!

For the Entertainment Streamer:

Fire Stick: I don’t have a Smart TV in my bedroom, and I have nothing but problems with my Chromecast (sorry, Google!). So lately, I have been considering getting an Amazon Fire Stick. I don’t have an Amazon Echo, so I don’t need the one with Alexa built in, and frankly, I don’t know why I would. But really, I just want to be able to stream my shows. I don’t watch a ton of TV to begin with, but lately, I’ve been using the streaming services more and more, especially with the introduction of Disney+. I think if you’re looking to get someone a simpler way to stream their shows, the Fire Stick could be the way to go. And if you want to get them something with more of the bells and whistles, you have those options too. Most of the reviews were really promising too, which helps. 

For the Practical Gift:

Phone Car Mount: This is one of those things I’ve meant to buy for myself, but just haven’t. And the one thing I really like about the idea is using it for directions. If you know me, you know I suck at following directions. Even though I can answer calls with my car if my phone is synced up, the two aren’t always synced up. It is a great way to be able to answer calls and being able to keep your hands on the wheel. It might seem like it is a “boring” gift because it’s practical, but it’s useful. I like to get use out of my gifts. This is something I would use all the time, and it’s something I just keep forgetting to buy.

For the Crafter:

Cricut Carrying Case: My Cricut can frustrate the hell out of me, but this is a great gift if someone you’re buying for has a Cricut. Disclaimer: Make sure you get one for the right type of Cricut. But when I’m not using my Cricut, I keep it in the box and keep my supplies in a separate container, which takes up more room. Not only does this protect the Cricut, but it has a handful of pockets you can keep some of the tools in, and apparently comes with a tote bag you can keep mats in. I’ve wanted to go to my cousin’s and learn more about the Cricut from her (because I’m freaking clueless), and this would be a very reassuring way to travel with my Cricut. Even when I’m taking my Cricut from upstairs to downstairs, I would feel a million times better with it in a traveling case that has a strap on my shoulder than awkwardly carrying it in my arms.

For the Fan:

Funko Pop: This is a great stocking stuffer for literally anyone who is a fan of basically anything. I have to have close to a hundred Funkos because I’m a nerd, and I can’t wait to line my office with them in my own house someday. I will never be disappointed with getting a Funko because there are so many varieties. And it’s not just movies and TV shows; there are Funkos of athletes, musicians, and even Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Queen Elizabeth II. People (at least me) like when you encourage their fandom. And they’re funny little things.

For the Technology Lover:

Technology Organizer: Another practical gift, but this would be useful as hell. I have a cell phone, Surface laptop, iPad, and Kindle. Oh, and an Apple Watch but I don’t think that would work with this. Actually, I don’t think my laptop would work with it either. Just for keeping a couple things more organized, it is worth it. We all know how charging cords can be the devil, and it kind of keeps your products in a protective space.. I don’t know anyone who couldn’t benefit from this in some way. 

For the Star Wars Fan:

Baby Yoda Shirt: I told you there was going to be something Star Wars on this list. And Disney, I can’t believe you don’t have all the merchandise everywhere yet, because Baby Yoda is going to make you even more money. People are clamoring for merchandise on the surprise star of The Mandalorian who can’t even form a sentence in Basic. Someone has already got Baby Yoda shirts hot off the presses, and I am sure that there will be plenty, official Disney merchandise to follow.

Holiday Gifting

For me, buying gifts can be more fun than receiving them. I think even wrapping gifts is fun. I hope this gives someone some ideas for what to get their hard-to-buy loved ones, or just an idea for something different this year! What are you hoping to receive for Christmas, or what gift can you not wait to give?

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